New Moms Job Training Program

New Moms Job Training Program

New Moms Job Training Program

Postsecondary Education

  • Pre-enrollment supports for transition to postsecondary
  • Postsecondary education advising and coaching after enrollment
  • Occupational skills training, sectoral training, and industry-recognized credential training

Job and Career Education and Training

  • Career exploration and career counseling
  • Entrepreneurial skills training
  • Pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, on-the-job training for a particular industry
  • Temporary and transitional work experiences

Employment Placement and Supports

  • Job placement
  • Supports to maintain employment
  • Supports for employers

Youth Development and Engagement Approaches

  • Incentives
  • Cohort model
  • Connections to a caring adult
  • Use of technology to deliver services or promote engagement

Support Services

  • Mental health supports
  • Supports for basic needs
  • Parenting, pregnancy and child care supports
  • Post-program supports

Other Implementation Practices

  • Career and technical training
  • Collective impact approaches
  • Two-generation models
  • Racial equity, diversity and inclusion approaches
  • Wraparound model